The house is thought to be one of Curacao’s older plantation houses, with the ruins of a mangasina(storage space) standing left of the plantation house. In between is a smaller building, thought to be former slave quarters, which accommodates some guestrooms.


Due to the poor quality of its soil, Daniel was initially called Malpais(bad lands). But the first name of its founder Daniel Ellis in the early 1700’s has certainly persisted. It is thought that he bought the land in 1711 from the government. In the nineteenth century two former


slaves, one after another, owned the plantation. Lourens Serni(freed in 1850) bought Daniel in 1867 and here he owned about 800 goats and sheep and about 40 cows. The second former slave who came to own plantation Daniel in 1894 was Alphons van Uytrecht. Quite a number of his descendants still live in the close proximity of Landhuis Daniel nowadays.


In 1976 the contractor van Lieshout bought the plantation house, which was practically a ruin, with only the walls still standing and rebuilt it to its original state. After van Lieshout, it was briefly owned around 1990 by Dutch television maker Jef Rademakers who leased it to a Dutch-American couple who ran the plantation house as a small hotel and dive center. Since 1997 it has been owned by Jan Francke


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