Fine Art Gallery

Jakke, the artist

Jakke(1953), West Flemish for Jan, was born on the island of Walcheren, close to the Belgium border, is a doctor in biology and learned to observe and sketch form the animal and plant kingdom during the first years of his biological study. After getting his degree he became a researcher in biochemistry at the Free University of Amsterdam. In the 80s, getting tired of the academic world, he opened a restaurant in his native Middelburg and put his creative ideas into cooking, becoming a well known chef. Getting tired of the Dutch climate and government rulings, he moved to Curacao in the 90s, where he became chef/owner of Landhuis Daniel, a former plantationhouse transformed into a small hotel and restaurant.
Francke, who takes it more easy now, but still functions as a mentor/supervising chef for his young kitchen staff, made another remarkable career switch in 2016 and started to paint and became passionate, if not obsessed, by aquarel painting. In a very short time he mastered a very acceptable level of technique by copying work of his favorites: Alvaro Castagnet, Joseph Zbukvic, John Singer Sargent and Hercule Brabazon. Now the focus of his work is on developing an impressionistic style of painting Curacao scenes: the nature, architecture, people, traditions, but also decay and pollution. Call it urban landscapes of his beloved Curacao.

There is a permanent exposition of his most recent work in the main house of Landhuis Daniel and at Landhuis Klein Santa Martha.

If you are interested in one or more of his paintings just email us with your questions and Jakke will be happy to assist you

somewhere in otrabanda    30 x 40 cm

lillipond near malpais   30 x 40 cm

weg naar waterfabriek  30 x 40 cm

boca sami     30 x 40 cm

maanstraat punda     40 x 70 cm


tablemountain   30 x 50 cm

near suffusant    35 x 45 cm

kai organ 1     30 x 40  cm

scharloo    35  x 45 cm


catholic church otrabanda   45  x 60 cm

under the Christoffelmountain  35  x 45 cm

after the rain Otrabanda   30  x 40 cm

Banda Abou    30 x 40 cm

Banda Abou   30 x 40 cm

   View on Otrabanda 40 x 50 cm



handelskade  30 x 40 cm



playa piscado westpunt 30 x 40 cm

 tall ships leaving curacao    30 x 40 cm


near westpunt  30 x 40 cm

near Christoffelberg   30 x 40 cm


weg naar westpunt gato  30 x 40 cm

 landhuis Ascension 30 x 40 cm

old timers bij Fort Waakzaamheid   30 x 40 cm

porch of landhuis ascension 30 x 40 cm

behind the waterfactory   30 x 40 cm

curacao dry dock   30 x 40 cm

snek behind waterfactory    30 x 40 cm

 zoutpannen willibrordus   30 x 40 cm


marshe bieu  25 x 35 cm


landhuis Klein Santa Martha   30 x 40 cm


playa piscado westpunt  30 x 40 cm

curacao dock at sunset    30 x 40 cm

royal marina curacao   30 x 40 cm

Shipwreck klein Curacao    35 x 45 cm

Curacao North sea jazz    20 x 30 cm

bassplayer   30 x 40 cm

Peter Paul Rubens   20 x 30 cm

take out    30 x 40 cm


curacao marina   30 x 40 cm

Curacao North sea jazz   20 x 30 cm

john Coltrane and wife 30 x 40 cm


Rembrandt van Rijn  20 x 30 cm


waiting for the man   30 x 40 cm

curacao marina  30 x 40 cm

curacao North sea jazz  20 x 30 cm

john lee hooker  30 x 40 cm



Paulus Potter 20 x 30 cm



Coffee brake   30 x 40 cm



brother   30 x 40 cm



sister    30 x 40 cm

stepfather   20 x 30 cm

Chinese pottery  30 x 40 cm


room with a view on Landhuis Knip   30 cm x 40 cm

rioja and blue cheese   20 cm x 30 cm


bettine blue cheese and fonseca porto  30 x 40 cm

Kilo Kai rum by Leanez   20 x 30 cm



Ponche Caribe by Leanez   20 x 30 cm




time flies 30 x 40 cm



Abstract 1    30 x 40 cm

campveerse toren

 20 x 30 cm

abdij Middelburg     30 x 50 cm

abdij Middelburg     20 x 30 cm

playing domino in punda snek 20 x 30 cm

henk at work   30 cm x 45 cm

Coppola Claret and Stiltin   20 x 30 cm

Henry”s Gin    20 x 30 cm




sleeping beauty 35 x 45 cm


Abstract 2    30 x 40 cm

cows in the mist zeeland

 20 x 30 cm



lange jan middelburg    20 x 30 cm

skyline middelburg  20 x 30 cm

restaurant Fishalicious Curacao  40 cm x 50 cm

Dom Perignon and strawberries  20 x 30 cm

blue Curacao by Leanez 20 x 30 cm

   birds of paradise  30 x 40 cm

Abstract 3     30 x 40 cm

veere at sundown

 20 x 30 cm


abdij Middelburg   30 x 50 cm